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"The goal isn’t to live forever. The goal is to create something that will.- Chuck Palahniuk

What will your legacy be?

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Kyle Mauch

Founder of Athletes Brand

This life planner is for those that may be overly ambitious. 


Those of us that have trouble saying no.


Those of us that have "so many good ideas," that it's hard to stay focused on just one.


This life planner is for those of us that need to simplify, clarify, and justify when, what, and why we do what we do.


This Life Planner is for those of us that are ready to take action, and see results of success NOW!


The #1 reason people seek coaching is for accountability.


They recognize their value and how to make a living but lack the drive to stay focused and on track. 


The #1 cause of lack of production is yourself.


Procrastination, poor planning, and questionable clarity.


I'm no exception to the rule.


Like you, I struggled with planning and goal setting, and over time, this struggle leads to a loss of drive and motivation. It's hard to stay motivated when you have no idea how to get to where you're going, and aren't recognizing the milestones.


My biggest cause of this was that I'd overload my schedule. I'd get too ambitious for my own productivity. I tried every planner, every strategy, every self-help gurus tips that I could find on the internet. None of them ever worked for longer than a couple of months for me before I'd fall back into my old bad habits.


Finally, I had created a three-page guide for my branding and business advising clients.


This guide was meant to bring clarity to them so they understood exactly what the goal was that they were working toward, and it was broken down into signed commitments, personal, health, and business sections, why they chose and need to hit that goal, and more importantly, how we were going to do it together so that it felt attainable and that they weren't alone.


I used this three-page guide for a little over a year, slightly tweaking it here and there. I kept it to three pages to assure that things were simple. My clients weren't allowed to add any more text than what could fit into each space created in this guide. They weren't allowed to change the font or font size.




Because I realized that simplicity was the key to creating consistency.


The more simple the goals, the more attainable the goals felt. The fewer words that you can describe your goals, the more you understand it. 


Simplicity is the way to consistency.


For some reason, I never tried to create one of these guides for myself. So I decided, "what if I treat myself like my own client? What if I'm brutally honest with myself about where I should be focused and how I should go about it just as I am with my clients?"


So I got to work on a 3-month guide as if I was going to help myself hit those goals.


What I found blew me away. I found that I was great at creating simplicity in other's lives while being great at creating complexity in my own.


I also discovered that I was putting more focus and attention on aspects of my business that weren't as profitable, and areas that I wasn't even passionate about.


Why was I doing this?


I was doing it for the same reasons my clients did it.


I didn't want to fail at my dream, so I settled for what was proven to work already. I settled for my second option but always kept my dream just barely at arm's length. Close enough to feel like I was full-on pursuing it. But far enough out of reach where I was going to have to hit the lottery to be successful at it.


This realization made me make a decision.


Do I stay on track with what I thought was successful?


Or do I put myself on my own coaching plan and see if it leads to the result that my clients were getting of more fulfillment, more income, and more impact?


This sounds like it may be an easy question to answer, but this decision would require me to put a million-dollar company that I built from scratch on the backburner to take a gamble on a childhood dream.


So, naturally, I took the gamble.


I focused in on my legacy guide built off of my own Legacy Formula that I developed for my clients. Then I scheduled myself out as if I was scheduling a client. I booked in phonecalls to myself. Created check-ins for myself. I even signed my own agreement with myself. It may sound crazy, but I tried to separate myself from, well, myself. I was extremely accountable for my clients, so maybe if I treated myself as a client, I would carry that over.


The results were dramatic.


In three months I created my dream company.


I utilized the connections and resources from my business that I spent five years building and developed the dream job that I had always wanted.


I was able to make my current business at the time go on autopilot, and create secondary income while putting myself in the driver's seat of a career I thought was out of reach. 


That wasn't all.


On top of that, I also found myself in better health since that was worked into my guide. My mental health and physical health was at an all-time high. I found myself going to the gym consistently for the first time since my team sports days.


When treating myself as a client, I asked myself, "Why do you struggle with consistency in working out." When answering as if I was paying somebody else to help me, I was finally honest with myself. "Because it's easy to find excuses not to go when work runs late. Traffick, somebody made plans with me, tired, are all excuses I give myself. But when it comes down to it, the thought of the drive to the gym after work makes me talk myself out of going to the gym."


My response to myself?


"Then go work from a coffee shop next to your gym every day until you don't feel right not going to the gym."


There just so happened to be a coffee shop next to the gym that I was making $50 donations to each month. 


I began going to that Starbucks after my lunch every day to work and it literally eliminated my excuse. In fact, it felt weird right off the bat to not go to the gym when the door to it was 10 feet away when I finished work.


This guide made me appreciate my loved ones more because I was able to clearly see every day what I was missing if I prioritized something of less importance over them. It made me understand the importance of planning them into my life rather than just taking them for granted as always being there. When I intentionally planned them in, created goals with them in mind, the time spent together felt that much more special.


The big one that I could track in the end was my financial goals. Before, I was okay with making a few grand less than my goal each month. It would go unnoticed. But now, since I knew exactly how much I should be earning each month off of each of my income streams, I found myself focusing on the income streams on my guide that were low come the end of the month to make sure I reached my goals. I was able to create income that otherwise would have fallen to the wayside. 


My lifestyle changed. My happiness changed. I was for the first time in my life, consistently productive, efficient, and happy.


I was legitimately successful.


What I learned from this is that there is no one size fits all productivity planner. There is no guide that will make you more accountable for yourself. The only thing that can make yourself more accountable is, in fact, yourself, and your own outlook. 


The easiest way to do this is through simplifying your life and treating yourself as your own paying client. If you were paying somebody $3,750/month would you take things more seriously? The likeliness is yes.


At least, that's what worked for me. ;)


If you want to try out my three-page guide though, I'm giving it away for free if you join my mailing list. My mailing list will share other tidbits and freebies as well as ways to connect from time to time to help you stand for something and build a greater legacy.


If you want some help, I'd love to schedule a consultation to go through it as well and get you set up to crush the next three months of your life!


Below are both options, and feel free to do both options if you'd like as well.


For a consultation to get you set up with your three-page guide I normally charge $650/hour for business consulting.


However, I'll go through and help you fill it out for a crazy low 1-time payment, and I'll continue to be an available resource along the way.


Just CLICK HERE to email me to get setup or with any questions.


I want you to be successful and get back on track, so I'll help be accountable until you get in a rhythm. :)


Either way, whether you're doing it with me, or on your own, let's get you going. It's time to take action and simplify your life so that you can have the life that I know you're capable of having.


Let's get you consistent with working toward your goals.


Let's build a legacy through Fulfillment, Income, and Impact.

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